Tom & Kristin take a paleontological trip to ...
June 2008
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Our entire route (June 3 - June 19)

Seattle by plane to Beijing (black mark)
Beijing by van to Beipiao and Sihetun (
orange mark)
Beipiao by van to Dalian (
yellow mark)
Dalian by plane to Xian (
green mark)
Xian by plane to Lanzhou (
blue mark)
Lanzhou by plane to Beijing (
black mark)

June 4th/5th. Day hike in and around Beijing's Forbidden City:  including Tiananmen Square & Jingshan Park
June 6th. Subway ride & walks to Beijing temples & the business district: including Lama & Confuscian temples
June 7th/8th. Visits to Beijing's paleontological museums with our geotour group:  including arrival at Xinjiang Hotel, meeting our geotour group & visits to the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Paleozoological Museum & Geological Museum
June 9th. On the road from Beijing to Beipiao: including a visit to the east edge of the Great Wall
June 10th. Paleo adventures in and around Beipiao. Part 1: including a visit to the Sihetun Fossil Bird Geopark & museum
June 11th. Paleo adventures in and around Beipiao, Part 2: including visits to a dinosaur track site & quarry
June 12th. City life in Beipiao & Dalian: including a visit to the Dalian Natural History Museum
June 13th. Flight from Dalian to Xian & onto Lanzhou: including a visit to the Terracotta Warriors
June 14th. Lanzhou & vicinity: including a visit Dr. Daqing Li's paleo lab, a "paleo-dig" site, and the Hezheng Museum of Paleontologic Fossils
June 15th. Liujiaxia Dinosaur National Geopark in Gansu: including a trip down the Yellow River (Huanghe) to visit an incredible dinosaur track site
June 16th. Lanzhou & vicinity: including a return to the ankylosaur excavation site
June 17th. Back to Beijing: including a visit to the Summer Palace
June 18th. Beijing sightseeing: including a visit to the Beijing Zoological Gardens & an adventurous dinner
June 19th. Last day in Beijing: including visits to research offices at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology (IVPP) and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

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