Tom & Kristin take a paleontological trip to ...
June 2008
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June 17th. Back to Beijing (black mark)including a visit to the Summer Palace


Trip back to Beijing (June 17th)

Hotel near the airport**


Airport near Lanzhou**

Checking in**

Coffee break**

Coprolites happen!**
A visit to the Summer Palace  

The 17 Arch Bridge

Only day it rained*

Lots to explore*

Tom poses*

Looking out on the lake*

The Marble Boat

Bridge across Kumming Lake*
A little more of Beijing

Meanwhile...the rest of the group visited the Forbidden City**

... and sites of the upcoming Olympics Games**

...and a nice restaurant**

Tim, Jerry, Andrew, Tylor & Will**

Marg, John, Steve, Jenelle & Matt**

Drs. Matt Lamana, Jerry Harris & Andrew Milner*

*Photographs by Kristin Braziunas   **Photographs by Joan & Matt Aten  ***Photographs by Dr. Jerry Harris   ****Photographs by Tylor Birthisel   *****Photographs by Dr. Hailu You

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