Tom & Kristin take a paleontological trip to ...
June 2008
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June 18th. Beijing sightseeing:  including a visit to the Beijing Zoological Gardens and an adventurous dinner


A visit to the Beijing Zoological Gardens (June 18th)

Tom & Will show off
their new shirts*

Kristin, Panda & Will

White tiger**

Outside the aquarium
(too expensive)

Riding the animals**

Modern dinosaur

Dinosaur feet

Dinosaur crest
Street scenes by Kristin
Trying some traditional specialties at a "last meal" together 

Duck stew****

Andrew tries
duck skull*

Will experiments*

Jerry tries...
duck brain?*

Deciding on
the result*

Tylor's turn*

Tom & Andrew
look on*

Down the hatch*

Chicken toes****

Will gives it a try****

Jessie & Matt****

Enjoying dinner*

*Photographs by Kristin Braziunas   **Photographs by Joan & Matt Aten  ***Photographs by Dr. Jerry Harris   ****Photographs by Tylor Birthisel   *****Photographs by Dr. Hailu You

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