Tom & Kristin take a paleontological trip to ...
June 2008
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June 19th. Last day in Beijing:  including visits to research offices at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology (blue mark) and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (pink mark)


Behind the scenes at IVPP (June 19th)


Caudipteryx dongi

Gastroliths &
arm feathers


Leg & foot

Guanlong skull

Juvenile Guanlong

Dave shows a
sickle claw

Dr. Hailu You's office at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Fluorescent bulb!*

Tylor's farewell****

*Photographs by Kristin Braziunas   **Photographs by Joan & Matt Aten  ***Photographs by Dr. Jerry Harris   ****Photographs by Tylor Birthisel   *****Photographs by Dr. Hailu You

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