Tom & Kristin take a paleontological trip to ...
June 2008
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June 9th. On the road from Beijing (blue mark) to Beipiao (pink mark) including a visit to the east edge of the Great Wall (green mark)


The road to Beipiao (June 9th)

A crowded van

Rice fields

Highway rest stop**

Promo for the Olympics

Back in the van**

Common mode of
Laolongtou ("Old Dragon's Head") Great Wall  

At the Great Wall
in Qinhuangdao City

Tourist group

About the Dragon Head***

Tylor poses****

A maze****

Our group

Along the wall

At the shore

East end of the
Great Wall

Wedding party***

Photo shoot

Chance for your
photo-op on a horse

Tom & Kristin

Dr. Hailu You


Joan & Matt

Dr. Jerry Harris

Dr. Andrew Milner

Dr. Peter Dodson
& Jessie



Group photo*****

Hailu, Will, Matt, Steve & Jenelle


Kristin by the
original wall

Different aged
portions of the Wall

Royal Pavilion**

Emperor Qianlong's
inscription tablets

Inside exhibit**

No smoking****

View from the Wall

Kristin on the
Bo Hai (South Sea) shore


The Sea God Temple

3 languages

Wild pot!

Shan Hai Guan Scenic Area***

"Office of Local Military Defense Commander"***

Another "no smoking"

Ming Dynasty
Onward to Beipiao

Back to the van with
John in the lead**

A portion of the
original Great Wall***

Van travel****

Rest stop meal

Scenery along
the way****

Beipiao at night***

*Photographs by Kristin Braziunas   **Photographs by Joan & Matt Aten  ***Photographs by Dr. Jerry Harris   ****Photographs by Tylor Birthisel   *****Photographs by Dr. Hailu You

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